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  Nowadays, it is not only an era of mobile internet, an E-commerce era but also an era of micro & e-commerce.In the marketing operation strategy, MICRO & E-commerce create a micro & e-commerce ecosystem by Micro-blog, Wechat,network and other social tools.

Quanzhou is a developed area of traditional enterprise, but it needs an urgent transformation and upgrade by the on-line Internet in the informatization era.Accroding to the statistics,express parcels sent out from Fujian every year and 70% came from Quanzhou.Thus it can be seen that Quanzhou has a huge potential of industrial ecosystem.So, we need to think about how to make good use of local advantages to form a good development in this city.

In the condition of prevail micro & e-commerce marketring,QUANZHOU MICRO & E-COMMERCE COMMUNICATION ASSOCIATION was established on August 5, 2016.The purpose of the association is the following:To Build micro & e-commerce sharing the new cooperation platform.Advocating eauqlity and mutual help communiate,Open a New Situation of micro & e-commerce in Quanzhou.

In order to develop the Micro & E-commerce of bags manufacturer and the Micro & E-commerce of Quanzhou,William Chen served as vice preident who is the founder of Quanzhou Sandoo Bags CO.,LTD and believe that QUANZHOU MICRO & E-COMMERCE COMMUNICATION ASSOCIATION will make a contribete for the development of Quanzhou Micro&e-commerce.



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